Information related to the Rogaine foam for the consumers

Substances like minoxidil contains in the Rogaine foam. It helps in re growing of hair and stabilising the loss of hair in men mostly. A man who suffers from hair fall and receding hairline or suffers from the male pattern hair baldness uses this product to revitalise the hair growth or nourishes the hair follicles. This product is mainly used on the scalp and on the crown of the hair.

Things you should know about Rogaine foam before using it

  • If you are allergic to substances like minoxidil it is advisable not to use this product at any cost.
  • Always talk to a doctor or your dermatologist before applying this medicine on your scalp.
  • If you suffer from diseases like heart problems or irregular heartbeats or chest pains, try to consult a doctor before using the foam.

This foam is considered to be extremely flammable. So to prevent hazardous situations try to keep it away from any heating places, flames, or smoking near the product.

How will you store the product safely?

Keep the product out of sight and reach of children below the age of fifteen or less. This foaming product may burst if kept under pressure or near a heating device or flames. Do not pierce or burn the bottle after the product has been used as it can be dangerous. Try not to expose it to high temperatures and keep it in a cool place.

Some of the side effects which might occur:

  • Headache
  • Itching of skin or rash
  • Shortness of breath or difficulty in breathing
  • Excessive hair growth

Some of the uncommon side effects

  • Nausea or feeling dizzy
  • Eye irritation or redness of the eyes
  • Vomiting
  • Temporary hair loss in patches
  • Change in hair colour or the texture becoming rough, thinning of hair.