Questions to Ask Before You Get Fillers or Injectables


Today, it’s easier than ever to get injectables but it’s incredibly important that you take the necessary steps to protect your beautiful face.

All too often, people choose practitioners based on price alone, a decision that could leave you with inferior results and various side effects.

3 Questions to Ask Before Your Injectables Appointment

  1. Who will be administering your injections and what are their qualifications?

It’s always best to pick a doctor that works with fillers and other injectables on a daily basis as this means they’ll have good experience and know about all the latest trends and products. It also means that you can expect safe and effective results.

Practitioners need to know how to administer the injections without damaging tissue or nerves, which is why it pays to ask your chosen doctor about their qualifications and experience before pursuing any type of treatment.

An injectables treatment in Melbourne at Clinica Lase will always be administered by a qualified and experienced doctor and never a nurse. Be sure to ask who will be administering the treatment before you go ahead.

  1. What products will you be using and are they safe?

There is a wide variety of different injectables and fillers available on the market but not all of them are safe. In some cases, certain products are even illegal. The quality of the product that your doctor will be using directly impacts the results of your treatment. Don’t let fancy jargon fool you into believing that you should try a product you haven’t heard of. Too many doctors use inferior products that are over-diluted in an effort to save on costs.

To ensure that you’re only receiving high-quality products that are safe, take the time to research the safest and most effective options on the market so that you know exactly what your doctor is talking about during your consultation. You’ll quickly be able to determine whether they might be trying to sell you on a product that hasn’t been tested and approved.

As a side note, never use products that can be bought online and administered at home. This is incredibly dangerous and won’t lead to anything good.

  1. What treatment plan would you recommend?

If you’ve found a doctor that you trust and feel comfortable with, it’s important to listen to their recommendations in terms of a treatment plan. This may mean that you’ll need to forget about anything you read online or what that friend or family member told you about injectable treatments.

Qualified doctors have years of experience and know what’s best in your unique case. There are a number of factors that need to be taken into consideration during your consultation to ensure that you’re an ideal candidate for a particular type of injectable treatment.

By keeping these three key questions in mind, you shouldn’t have a problem finding a cosmetic surgery clinic who can provide you with the results you’re hoping for.