Reasons Why You Need Regular Trips To A Podiatrist

Foot and ankle problems can result from chronic medical conditions such as diabetes and arthritis, or from everyday situations such as improper type of footwear or overuse. And these foot problems, whether severe or minor, need to be addressed right away. Here are 5 reasons why you need to visit a podiatrist.

To Alleviate Foot Pain

You can pinpoint the cause of foot pain based on the location of the pain. For example, plantar fasciitis is the most common cause of heel pain. Ill-fitting shoes typically cause pain in the ball of the foot. Those who experience foot pain are significantly more likely to experience health problems in other parts of the body as well. Visit if you need help with foot pain.

You Have Arthritis

Many people have arthritis and it’s a condition that can make everyday life uncomfortable. If you have arthritis issue and are noticing more pain in your feet, now is a good time to make an appointment with a podiatrist. They can help you and make sure that you don’t develop other painful feet conditions and can minimize arthritis issues before they get serious.

To Eliminate Foot Odor

If you wear shoes and socks, it creates a dark, moist environment where odor-causing bacteria and fungus can thrive. That’s why it’s important to alternate your shoes and change into a dry, clean pair of socks each day. Wash your feet on a daily basis with antibacterial soap to remove the bacteria that cause foot odor and be sure to dry your feet thoroughly afterwards, especially between the toes.

To Prepare For Training

If you’re looking to get more active at the gym or are preparing for a race, you want to make sure that your body is healthy and ready to train. Visiting a sports medicine podiatrist is a great idea. They can take a look at your feet and ankles and make sure there are no hidden issues present before you begin training and putting a lot of wear on your feet and legs.

To Treat Discomfort

If you’re experiencing pain or other discomforts, it may be a sign that something is not 100% right. Visiting a podiatrist is a great idea because they can evaluate your situation and find a way to minimize the pain. This can allow you to live a more comfortable everyday life.

You Have Abnormal Walking Pattern

If you’re starting to walk abnormally, this is not a good sign and can lead to many issues. Visiting a podiatrist can help to determine if there are any concerns that need to be fixed. They can also help you to learn to walk in a safer manner and may even be able to get you specially fitted shoes, which make walking easier and less painful.

Whether you have a foot odor, or you have an abnormal walking pattern, it’s best to visit a podiatrist on the onset. Contact the best podiatrist Kensington from Orthotic Solutions Podiatry for assistance.