What Are The Signs That You Need Revision Eyelid Surgery?

Our eyes can see everything. It can tell how beautiful our world is.  However, it’s not really our eyes by which other people judge our appearance.  It’s actually the skin, which surrounds our eyes located under our eye socket. Both lower and upper eyelids as well as outer corners are the basis of most individual to identify your emotion, condition and age.

For the past few years, when your skin on above-mentioned areas had problems, which made you look older than you are, you can have a cosmetic blepharoplasty. But, if you are experiencing complication on any eyelid surgery which was performed to you six months ago, then it’s much recommended for you to get revision eyelid surgery.

What are the signs that you need revision eyelid surgery?

Let’s face the fact that not all eyelid surgeon undergoes the right training, perfect skills and amazing result. We should have known that blepharoplasty is a tricky procedure which doesn’t accommodate any mistake. When your first procedure is done by mistake, then a revision blepharoplasty can be no less forgiving. That’s why it pays talking to the best local surgeon. It’s one crucial factor to get the results you’ve been dreaming of.

So, of you are still confused whether you need to revisional blepharoplasty or not, take a look on these four signs which can tell your viability:

#1 Incorrect contour or shape acquired from previous surgery

Suffering from distorted eye shape? This can be due to improper removal of skin, either too much or insufficient skin by your previous eyelid surgery. Most probably, your lower eyelid slumps down which shows more of white area of your eyes. With the help of lower eyelid surgery, it can correct your eye contour and bring it back to its natural, youthful condition.

#2 Droopy eyelids

Wondering why you have droppy eyelid right now? Your original surgery may commit under-corrected issues. Simply put, your surgeon eliminated not enough skin and it seems that the muscles, which lift your eyelids, were not constricted.

When that happens, you’ll look haggard and stress and will make you really older. Worse, your eyes will always look tired and puffy. Give yourself a makeover through performing a cosmetic surgery Bondi from Dr. Naveen Somia, which can tighten levator muscle, the muscle which lifts your upper eyelid.

#3 Can’t shut your eyes comfortably or even blink fully

Have you ever heard the lagophthalmos, a condition thatprevents you from closing your eyes?  This may happen to you when you’ve undergo from unsatisfactory eyelid surgery.

Don’t freak out. There are many ways to rectify this issue and one of it is revision blepharoplasty via skin grafts to allow your eyes blink and shut properly.

#4 Asymmetrical eyes

From your initial eyelid surgery, your surgeons removed too much fat or skin either from your upper lid or under your eyes. It results to poor positioning of your eyelids that gives an unbalanced and unnatural look.

Through the help of blepharoplasty revision, it would realign your eyes and restore your previous symmetry.  Though in real life, our eyes are symmetrical, it is typically close enough to perfection. With the best lower eyelid surgery Sydney from Dr Naveen Somia, it will make your eyes symmetrical at matching heights.