Royal Berkey v Black Berkey; which is the best?

One of the best filter systems in the world right now has to be the Berkey water filter. It has some of the most versatile uses and can last for more than 3 years at a stretch. Compared with other features that are in this filtration system, it is not a surprise that many people today want to use the Berkey filter system more often than that. However, there is another decision which they would have to make.

The royal and the black Berkey are some of the most popular versions of the Berkey filter. However, most people decide to go for one or the other. So which of these version of filters are the best? Here are some factors you should consider;

Portability: another product which is to be purchased gains so much value when they are portable and easy to move about. This is the same when it comes to the filter systems. When it comes to portability, both the royal and black Berkey has almost the same features and are both very portable. This is because the chamber in the upper region goes downwards into the lower chamber, making it easy to move from one place to another. However, the difference can be seen in the height of both filter systems. The black Berkey stands at around 13 inches while the royal Berkey is behind the ranges of 15 inches. This gives this round to the Black Berkey.


The more gallons of water a filter system can hold, the easier it would be to manage it properly. When it comes to the capacity abilities of both, the Royal Berkey has the win here. Being able to carry about 3.25 worth of gallons is quite impressive and easily tops the black Berkey, which is only able to carry about 2.25 gallons. However, both are still impressive for filter systems, but this round goes to the Royal Berkey.

Total height

While we talked about the height that makes it portable and easy to use, that is not the complete size or height of both filter systems. The total height can be found when you add the lid and the knob. The black Berkey is on top at this moment with about 21 inches in total while the royal Berkey packs quite a punch and is about 24 inches in height. The smaller, the better would hold here as smaller things are way easy to manage and operate. The black Berkey has this round.


Another difference which can be said to be between both filter systems is in the number of persons which they can both serve. Both when not fully configured would work perfectly for persons up to four. However, the difference comes in when you completely configure it. When the black Berkey is fully configured, then they can take up to 170 persons at once, which is an incredible feat. However, things get even better for the Royal Berkey. When fully configured, you can expect your filter system to serve up to 200 persons at once, which is quite a lot and incredible. This round goes to the royal Berkey without a doubt


Finally, we compare the sizes between the royal and the black Berkey when they have no content in them. The difference is quite minimal as the black Berkey would weight just about 7 lbs. When empty and the royal Berkey would weigh about 8 lbs. when it is empty. However, no matter how minimal it is, the black Berkey is lighter than the royal Berkey.


The answer is it depends on what you want. If you are looking for a filter system which can take a whole lot of persons, then you should go for the Royal Berkey. If you are looking for a system which is lighter and probably easier to carry about while performing its function, the black Berkey is what you should go for.

Once you have made your choice, you can go to USA Berkey Filters and get anyone which you have chosen at very moderate prices and with fast delivery. You can be sure that they would be the right fit for you.