Speech – a strategy to better it

Speech therapy (terapi wicara, which is the term in indonesian) is a rehabilitation process to help people, especially children’s so that they can communicate effectively and practice the function of the everyday. The children’s face speech disorder in the early stages of their life because they have a problem with the actual production of sounds.

Speech disorders include:

  • Articulation disorder:

Listeners face a problem because the speaker cannot say words correctly, and listeners can’t understand what is being said.

  • Fluency Disorders:

Problems such as stuttering, in which the speaker face difficulty in speaking, and they are interrupted by abnormal stoppages and their flow of speech are being disturbed.

  • Resonance or voice disorders

These types of disorders cause pain or discomfort for the child while speaking.  They face problems with pitch, volume, or quality of the voice.

How Speech-language therapy strategies will help you?

  • Language intervention activities:

The therapist use language drills to build your skills in a variety of ways. The therapist use pictures and book to build various skills.

  • Articulation therapy:

This includes your tongue movements about how specific tongue movement create specific sounds.

  • Feeding and swallowing therapy:

It deals with the strength of muscles of the mouth. This includes your facial massage, lip, and jaw exercise.

The benefit of speech therapy:

Speech therapy helps children to speak properly with more smooth. These therapies help them to increase their confidence in front of a large audience. Moreover, it will lead to school readiness skills, and it will help your child to deliver better in front of others so that the listeners can understand them better. Kids can benefit themselves academically, socially. It helps to improve your voice quality. The speech therapy can help you in understanding and expressing your thoughts, feelings, and ideas. You can get these benefits if you consult to a proper therapist and to get the best therapist, MyNurz is always there to help you out.

Services include:

  • Examination and diagnosis of the condition.
  • Training provided by experts.
  • Periodic updates to patients.