Foot and Ankle Extracorporeal Pulse Activation Technology Treatment      

Extracorporeal Pulse Activation Technology (EPAT) is the most advanced and effective clinically proven non-invasive treatment method approved by the FDA. This treatment technology for musculoskeletal pain relief is based on a particular group of pressure waves that serve the purpose of enhancing blood circulation, stimulating metabolism, and accelerating the process of healing in the treatment area. 

This proprietary treatment technology provides one of the best treatment options for achieving musculoskeletal pain relief.  Disorders for Treatment  EPAT is able to treat various chronic or acute musculoskeletal conditions. Musculoskeletal pain significantly reduces your mobility and overall quality of life. The body areas that can benefit from this treatment technology include:   Neck Shoulder Thigh and knee Back and chest Foot and ankle Pelvis and hip Myofascial trigger points/trigger points 

 Why Choose EPAT 

This non-invasive treatment method has a proven success rate that equals or is greater than traditional treatment methods such as surgery. Moreover, this treatment method for musculoskeletal pain relief has no risk of potential complications or side effects, and there is faster recovery time.  This treatment procedure is performed in the clinic or office of the physician. 

It does not require anesthesia, and the procedure lasts only a few minutes. The duration that each treatment session takes is usually about 5 to 10 minutes and that greatly depends on the particular disorder being treated.  A patient can resume performing normal activities immediately or within 24-48 hours and resume performing strenuous activities after about four weeks of treatment.  

How EPAT is performed 

A coupling gel must be applied to the particular treatment area to enhance the effectiveness of the procedure. Once this preparation has been carried out, then there is the release of EPAT pressure waves via the applicator. The pressure waves are released in a circular motion over the particular treatment area. 

After The Treatment Procedure

  Your doctor or physician will supply you with the necessary post-treatment instructions necessary for you to follow to aid treatment recovery.  

Expected Results of EPAT

  A patient can experience the benefits of this procedure after about 3 treatment sessions. There are some patients who even report immediate musculoskeletal pain relief after this procedure. For other patients, pain relief may begin only after around four weeks. When you undergo this procedure, you are guaranteed the restoration of full mobility, which is important for achieving an improved quality of life. 

More than 80% of patients have reported to be free of pain and/or experienced significant pain reduction.  

For Those with a Special Health Condition

 Both the effectiveness and safety of this procedure has not yet been ascertained on people having Malignancies and DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis). 

Your health provider or doctor will furnish you with the appropriate information concerning how the health above conditions will affect the determination for performing EPAT treatment.  

Is it Safe?  

EPAT treatment is 100% safe; the FDA approves it. The EPAT device was designed by combining a wealth of experience in medical treatment,ultra-modern engineering, and the most effective quality. 

Moreover, the procedure has been subjected to extensive clinical tests and studies, ensuring that the procedure is effective and safe.  For there to be no risks, complications, or side effects, the procedure must be performed by a caregiver that is qualified and even experienced.  

Benefits of EPAT  

 Non-invasive treatment method   No anesthesia No infection risk   No scarring Over 80% success rate Easier and faster healing To know more about this treatment procedure such as the treatment cost, you should visit this website

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