Stay Healthy During And After Holidays

When holidays come, people forget about everything and try to enjoy those days to the fullest. They eat more, drink more, over stress and they also sleep less. Also then there is the shopping and the travelling and the odd hours one keeps. What happens at the end of the holiday is that your body has a toxic built up and you also gain a lot of weight.

Can’t that be avoided?

No, these factors can’t be avoided. You can’t avoid travelling with your loved ones, you can’t avoid binge drinking with your friends, you can’t avoid eating good foods and junk food and food full of sugar and fats, and you can’t even stop partying. What you can avoid is messing up your daily routine. You can make time for everything, as it is a holiday time you don’t have to work, so the bulk of your time when you used to work is now free time for you, so you can use that time. That will maintain a balance between your daily routine and your holiday season where you can do your exercise and keeping your sleep cycle intact at least.

You should keep your digestive system smooth so that so many things you eat and drink, your body should break them easily. That means you have to make your body metabolism high. Ayurvedic Health Products can come in handy to do so. You also should avoid overeating as much as you can and not eat when you are not hungry. Try to avoid spicy food as much as you can. You also can give your digestive system some rest between meals so that it’s active and robust when there are some parties you have to attend.

Some tips that can help you

Ginger is a good root to keep your digestive system robust. It also cleanses the toxicity that enters your body. So, take ginger with tea or however else you like to consume it.

You should avoid food combinations that are unhealthy like too much cookies or too much fast food. That would give you extra calories and make you fat or make you fall sick for rest of the holiday.

According to Ayurveda cold liquids leads to many difficulties including constriction in the GI tract, formation of gas, and accumulation of toxicity in the gut. You shouldn’t mix food with drinking beverages which eventually dilutes the enzymes for digestion and makes your digestion process slow. You should avoid eating at the late night and shouldn’t forget to take a little walk after you had your foods.