Things You Should Know About Sex Change Surgeries

Sex change or the sex reassignment is the surgery transgender people go through to change their sexual characteristics in order to resemble their existing and the socially acceptable gender. These surgeries are carried out by professional doctors in private clinics. As these surgeries are not common surgeries, they come with a set of rules to perform them. As these surgeries have a psychological impact too on the patient, they are governed by specific Standards of Care for the surgeries.

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Before one goes for a sex change surgery, he must submit two forms to the doctors. Out of the two forms, one of the forms must be from a mental health professional, who is practicing and is experienced in the diagnosis of gender identity disorder. So before one decides to go through the sex change surgery, one has to seek consultation from the mental health professional about the gender identity disorder.

There are many opinions that transsexual people do not need any kind of medical intervention for them to express their sexuality. But if the jurisdiction and certain legal documents are to be considered, many times the transsexual people have trouble listing their sex in public. The sex change surgeries are now also covered insurance. According to public and commercial health insurance plans, many insurance companies also cover sex reassignment surgeries.

Post the sex change surgery, and the patients may have a hard time coping up with the changes in their physical aspects and also the sex steroid treatment. As there are risks and side effects of these surgeries, one is advised to be well informed before going through one. But the graph of these surgeries is pretty good and with satisfactory results. A survey was conducted in order to check if the people undergone the sex change surgery were able to cope up with the post-surgery health, and the results were satisfactory. The study also stated that the transgender people function well both in terms of the social and psychological aspects.

There is also a study that says that the people who underwent sex change surgeries tend to be happier than before the surgery, resulting in lower rates of depression, anxiety attacks in turn generating less suicide rates. To conclude, one can say that the sex change surgeries have a positive effect on the transgender people, who suffer from a gender identity disorder.