Tips to consider before wisdom tooth removal 

Wisdom tooth removal can be a hectic and painful task. It is a surgical procedure that requires careful consideration from the oral surgeon. Are you searching for the best wisdom tooth removal services in Chicago? Do you want a safe surgical removal of your tooth? If yes, many options related to Lakeview, Chicago dental practice are available that you can try. 

Still confused about how to prepare for a wisdom tooth removal? Don’t worry. We have a bag full of information mentioned below. 

Some of the tips that you must follow after the removal of a third molar are given below: 

  • Take the medications as per the prescription from the doctor. 
  • Remove the surgical gauze from the wounded area for at least thirty minutes. 
  • Take an ice pack to reduce the swelling. 
  • Never vigorously rinse your mouth. 
  • Avoid spitting the saliva for the next 24 hours. 
  • Avoid touching the wounded area frequently. 
  • Restrict your vigorous activities for some time. 

How should I prepare for wisdom tooth removal surgery?

If your wisdom tooth gives you pain and discomfort, it may be time to remove it. Do you want some tips for its removal? Below, some of the important pointers are mentioned that you must follow for the removal of a third molar. So, without any delay, let us start!

  • One should avoid eating or drinking before the surgery. You can eat light foods such as fruits or oatmeal before the surgery to lessen the after-effects. 
  • Take the medicines as per the prescription given by the doctor. Consumption of painkillers before the surgery is essential. 
  • Be clear with your doctor if you want to use any particular medicine or recreational activity for pain management. It can help establish a treatment regimen for the patient and the doctor. 
  • One should avoid smoking at least 12 hours before the surgery. 
  • After the surgery, it is advised that you should consume edibles such as ice cream, smoothies, or mashed potatoes. 
  • One should bring an attendant with them for the surgery. Having someone with you before and after the surgery is always helpful. 
  • Last, one should rinse their mouth 15 to 20 minutes before the surgery for hygiene. 


Your wisdom tooth removal surgery can go smoothly if you follow all the instructions given by the doctor. So next time you visit your dentist and they recommend the removal of the third molar, just note down all the instructions and get ready for the procedure.