What You Should Know About A Tummy Tuck

When it comes to the tummy tuck, excess fat is sucked in with surgical tools that perform small skin incisions (2-3mm). In most cases, surgery is performed under local anesthetic on an outpatient basis or in day ospital. After a few days, you can return to normal activities.

In some cases, the operation is performed under general anesthesia with hospitalization for one day. A semicircular incision is made at the level of the pubis (similar to that of the cesarean section) and the skin is partially detached from the underlying muscles.

If there is excess fat, it is eliminated with Liposuction. The relaxed muscle band is then reinforced and re-tensioned with strong points that lead to a flattening of the belly. The skin incision is then closed with some points that are removed after ten days. The scar is easily hidden under the bikini. You can return to normal activities after 1 week.

Abdominoplasty (dermolipectomy) with navel transposition

The surgery is done under general anesthesia with 24-hour hospitalization. The incision is similar to that already described for the plastic of the muscles, but increases in length in relation to the amount of skin to be removed: the greater the excess skin, the longer will be the skin incision which, in any case, may be hidden under a bathing suit.

The cutaneous dissection is similar to that already described and, if necessary, a plastic of the abdominal muscles is performed to put them in tension. At the time of closure, the skin is pulled down (abdominal lift) and the excess is removed along with the stretch marks on it.

The skin of the pubic region is pulled upwards, giving women an effective lifting of the pubis, in cases where this area is also relaxed. The navel is repositioned with a small incision made on the flap of skin (what is called transposition of the navel). In this way large quantities of skin and fat can be removed and a flat stomach can be achieved, even if you are afflicted with the so-called abdominal apron or pendulous belly.

The tummy tuck, in its technical variations, can effectively eliminate the excess skin (pendulous abdomen), repair the muscular wall correcting the excessive separation of the muscles (diastasis of the rectus abdomen muscles). In addition, it can eliminate any scars or stretch marks in the portion lower abdomen (below the navel).

Although it is mainly required by women, especially after pregnancy, it can also be indicated for men, generally due to a heavy weight loss. Not all customers need a complete tummy tuck, and there are several variants of the intervention designed to provide the best results on a case by case basis with reduced scars.

Full abdominoplasty

The complete abdominoplasty is performed for the correction of large skin excesses, not limited to the lower portion of the abdomen, and accompanied by diastasis of the rectus muscles. The operation involves the complete detachment of the abdominal skin (up to the costal arch) through a long suprapubic incisone, the repositioning of the navel and the plastic of the straight muscles.

The scar that remains to the operation is rather extensive, but usually well hidden inside a normal slip or swimsuit. Furthermore, the orientation and shape of the scar can be modified according to the type of underwear that is usually worn, and should be discussed with the surgeon before surgery. In the case of circumferential abdominoplasty, indicated only for the most extensive skin excesses, the scar becomes perimeter, and the operation allows the elimination of excess skin also in the dorsal region.

Mini tummy tuck

The mini-abdominoplasty is normally performed in cases of cutaneous excess limited to the lower portion of the abdomen, without diastasis of the rectum. In this situation it is possible to perform an operation with reduced scars that does not include repositioning of the navel, limiting the cutaneous dissolution and possibly associating a Liposuction of the upper part of the abdomen.

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