What Do You need to Know About Sex Reassignment Surgery?

Gender reassignment surgery (GRS), historically known as sex reassignment surgery (SRS) is carried out to transition people with sex dysphoria to their identified gender.

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Historically, an individual who had undergone some form of medical or surgical treatment for gender reassignment were termed as transgender. These can be when transgender woman transitions from male-to-female or when transgender man transitions from female-to-male.

Reasons Why People Undergo Sex Reassignment Surgery

Gender dysphoria may cause people to experience significant impairment and upset on personal and social levels. For these individuals, hormone therapy, gender role changing, and sex reassignment surgery allow their outside appearance to match what they feel internal.

Required Steps before Sex Reassignment Surgery

A comprehensive understanding, hormones, and risks involved in this surgery are vital. There are other steps to be accomplished before surgery is performed; they include:

  • A Mental Health Evaluation: Mental health evaluation is crucial to look for any mental health concerns that could influence a person’s mental state, and to assess an individual’s readiness to go through the emotional and physical and stresses associated with the transition.
  • Documentation of Gender Dysphoria.

  • A “Real-life” Test: An individual needs to take on the role of the desired gender in everyday activities, both professionally and socially (i.e. “real-life experience” or “real-life test”).

Why Travel to Thailand for Sex Reassignment Surgery?

 Every year, over a million people travel to Thailand, specifically for medical travel purposes. Thailand transgender surgery is ideal for patients because of the high-quality services that can be delivered to you for a relatively low cost. 

How Long Does One Need to Stay in Thailand After Sex Reassignment Procedure?

Before you make your trip back home, your doctor needs to advise you when it is best to go. Usually, doctors suggest their patients stay in Thailand for, on average, 15 days before flying home. Additionally, you will need to stay in the hospital for 5 – 6 days after the SRS Thailand procedure.