Weight Watchers Diet

Established in 1963, the Weight Watchers Diet program has now become one of the most effective diet programs followed by millions of people. Jean Nidetch was the one behind the creation of this diet that focuses on low fat and low calorie foods.

For more than 50 years, Weight Watchers has been educating many groups of both men and women regarding nutrition and eating instead of simply losing weight. Through counseling, the members are guided through the diet process with weekly progress. This program assigns value for all kinds of foods according to the nutritional content in order to allow the dieters to easily identify which the healthy and unhealthy foods are. Every dieter is encouraged to make their own choices regarding the nutrient-dense food so not only do they lose weight but also become healthier.

Online Subscribe

The unique feature of Weight Watcher is it provides access for online subscribers to be a part of the diet program, to be the member. The online members are allowed to have online account in order to access the meetings in which they will be educated and guided during the weight loss program. None of the meetings will interfere with members’ personal schedules or disturb their privacy as the members can have anonymity to get access to the whole programs.

Diet with Nutrient-Dense Food

Weight Watchers doesn’t only focus on losing weight only but also on becoming healthier by making smarter choices regarding the foods dieters should eat in daily basis. By following the Weight Watchers Online program, the members will learn on how to use the program. According to this program, food which is more dense in nutrient has a lower food’s PointsPlus value like whole grain, low fat cheese sticks, fish and baby carrots. On the other hand, food which is less dense in nutrient has higher values such as soda, ice cream, potato chips and fast food burgers. By learning about the nutrient on every food, members are expected to learn about the proper portions of food they should eat in order to have balanced wholesome meals in daily basis.

Flexibility in Weight Watchers

Here comes the best part of Weight Watchers diet program according to all the members. It is the flexibility. Instead of banning all foods with higher values during the program, Weight Watchers allow the dieters to eat the higher value foods or the restricted foods once in a while as long as the dieters can keep the point values in range. It’s like a reward after the achievement that definitely is very rewarding for dieters. So, they can still enjoy lives even though they are on strict diet program.

Weight Watcher Recipes

For all the members and subscribers, the Weight Watchers provide thousands of recipes of recommended healthy foods to eat during the program. To help figure out the value of many food types including the restaurant foods, a particularly designed Calculator is able to be used. Or, the members can also ask for Eating Out Guide in a consultation. In the Pocket Guide, there us a long list of food with useful information. There is also the Dining Out Companion and Complete Food Companion to help planning the meals for night out. Again, there is no such thing as too strict rule about this diet program because it gives rooms for extras and treats.

Weight Watchers Food Ingredients

The Weight Watchers Diet program has always been very accommodative for all the members and dieters. Not only does the program features so many choices of healthy recipes for homemade meals but also offers a huge range of pre-packaged foods. These types of foods are suitable for dieters with busy schedule and limited time to cook meals from scratch. Instead of buying outside that can be pretty costly, the pre-packaged foods make better choices. And, the fact that the foods are dense in nutrients makes great news. These foods are widely available online and said to be having delicious taste that the dieters will be happily craving for it.

In particular, Weight Watchers believe that to lose weight and be healthier at the same time, foods are the keys. Processed foods and foods high in sugar are definitely not among the healthy choices so it is necessary to reduce the consumption. But it doesn’t mean to ban all the foods at once because it is only natural that human craves for such food occasionally. So, between the rigid schedule of eating foods high in fiber and nutrients, there are occasions for cheating by eating the not so healthy foods.

Exercise in Weight Watchers

Similar to most diet programs, Weight Watchers also stress the importance of exercise. However, it doesn’t refer to a regimen of exercise that many programs may recommend. Instead, it refers to regular type of exercise. For the right recommended exercise, there is guidance through articles and videos available for download.

Pros and Cons

There are always good and down sides of every diet program including the Weight Watchers.

Pros are as following:

                     Available for both men and women

                     A convenient diet program with flexibility

                     Allows for anonymity and privacy

                     Features access to various resources and tools for those who cannot attend the meeting

                     Provides access for fitness resources

                     Features message boards for dieters to communicate

                     Online recipes library for healthy food choices

                     Sustains lifelong weight loss

                     Teaches balance and moderation

Cons are as following:

                     For some dieters, counting points values is time consuming

                     Removes counselor and social relationships that dieters can found at face to face meetings

Overall, considering the features, pros and cons of Weight Watchers, some conclusions can be made. Weight Watchers match the need of both men and women to lose weight and be healthier despite their lack of interest or time to attend meetings. This diet program is appropriate for those who prefer being online subscribers rather than meeting attendees regardless of the reasons. With various unlimited resources, the program is among the most resourceful online diet programs ever created.