What are CBD suppositories and how can they help you?

If you’ve wondered why CBD seems to be everywhere at the moment, it’s because it truly is as effective as it seems. With countries all over the world favouring the compound for treatment against illness and injury, the CBD market is booming, and showing no signs of slowing down.

CBD is the most well-known for being in the form of an oil or tablet, but it actually varies impressively in the number of ways it can be taken. One lesser-known form of CBD is a CBD suppository. More on what suppositories do, and how they can help you, is covered below.

What is a CBD suppository?

You might not have heard of a CBD suppository before, but chances are, you’re at least familiar with the general idea of suppositories- that they are inserted into the rectum, vagina or urethra and used to deliver medications. They are favoured because they can be dissolved by the body easily and make for a good solution if patients struggle to swallow or digest certain medication.

CBD suppositories are often considered as a substitute to CBD oil, which is typically administered under the tongue and swallowed. Some people aren’t much for the flavour of the oil, or can’t take it orally for health purposes, and may prefer to take the medication just as effectively using alternative methods.

Most CBD suppositories are for vaginal or rectal use. The advantage of it being administered from either of these locations is that the compound bypasses the stomach and liver, making it easier for cannabinoids to be absorbed by the body. The CBD is able to reach the bloodstream faster than if taken orally, taking effect much quicker than other forms of the compound.

The size of a CBD suppository varies from product to product, but they generally tend to be around an inch in width and should produce noticeable effects after around fifteen minutes following application. These effects should last for at least six-to-eight hours depending on the dosage taken.

How can CBD suppositories help you?

The beneficial effects of CBD are extensive and wide-ranging. There have been countless studies that conclude the effectivity of CBD on both mental and physical illness, from anxiety and depression, to arthritis, skin conditions, insomnia, allergies, and even cancer and neurodegenerative diseases.

Notably, the main benefit of a suppository versus other forms of CBD is that it takes effect in the body the most quickly after it has been administered. This means that if you are after quick relief from pain or other symptoms of illness, suppositories are the most effective says CBD Resource.

While CBD suppositories are not the most popular form of the compound at the moment, their substantial benefits over the more-popular oils and tablets may mean that they see an increase in attention over the next two years. They certainly show promise, and it shouldn’t be long before this is picked up on by the bigger CBD suppliers.

If you’re interested in purchasing CBD suppositories, be certain to buy from a trusted seller and at a reasonable price. Reviews from other people can be incredibly helpful when it comes to making sure you’re buying a legitimate product from someone who knows what they’re doing.