What is Breast Implants from Stem Cells?


There has been much controversy regarding breast augmentation for many years. The breast implants done by cohesive silicone implants and saline originally, nowadays silicone implants are used. A woman goes through a lot of complications after breast augmentation and then needs subsequent many more surgeries to fix it.

Use of Stem Cells

According to the new stem cell therapy, it has been found that if one can do natural breast implants, it might be more feasible, as there would be fewer complications compared to traditional breast implants. The results are a full cup size and in this process stem cells from another part of their body is injected into their breasts.

Reduces Fat of Stomach

The process not only is beneficial for natural breast implants but also it reduces the fat of the stomach if the woman who is interested in both breast implants and also reduction of stomach fat. In this process, the stem cells are removed from the stomach and then injected in the breast of the woman. At this stage, the researchers think that this process can increase one cup size of the breast. But they are hopeful that they will learn more about the technique and will ensure that the treatment is done successfully.

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Breast Enlargement and Trails in Britain

Britain is leading the research, and clinical trials are going on to investigate that if a is having a lumpectomy, can stem cells be used to remove cancer. There are other studies too carried out clinically in Britain, and they are looking at whether is it possible for a healthy woman without any cancer can have breast enlargement done in this process.

Cost is the Worry

One drawback of breast augmentation with stem cells is that it is going to be a costly process. The cost will be a steep one. But researchers and excited that the success and safety involving this method compared to traditional breast implant methods.