What Does a Urologist Do?

Urologists identify, as well as deal with diseases of the urinary tract in both men and women. They likewise detect and deal with anything involving the reproductive tract in guys.

In many cases, they may perform surgical treatment with urology instruments. For example, they might remove cancers or open up a blockage in the urinary system. Urologists operate in a variety of settings, including health centers, exclusive facilities, as well as urology facilities.

The urinary system tract is the system that produces, stores, as well as removes urine from the body. Urologists can treat any type of part of this system. This consists of the:

  • kidneys, the organs that filters waste out from the blood and generate urine
  • ureters, which are the passage through which urine flows from the kidneys to the bladder
  • the bladder, which is the hollow cavity that stores urine
  • the urethra, which is the passage through which urine passes out of the bladder and body
  • adrenal glands, these glands can be found on the top of each kidney, and they release hormonal agents

Urologists additionally treat all components of the male reproductive system. This system is comprised of the:

  • penis, which is the body organ that launches urine, as well as brings sperm out of the body
  • prostate, which is the gland below the bladder that adds liquid to sperm to produce semen
  • testicles, which are the two oblong organs inside the scrotum that make the hormone testosterone and produce sperm

What is Urology?

Urology is the area of medicine that concentrates on conditions of the urinary system, as well as the male reproductive tract. Some urologists deal with general diseases of the urinary system. Others concentrate on a particular sort of urology, such as:

  • women urology, which concentrates on problems of a female’s reproductive, as well as urinary system
  • male inability to conceive, which concentrates on troubles that protect against a guy from conceiving an infant with his partner
  • neurourology, which concentrates on urinary system problems as a result of conditions of the nerve system
  • pediatric urology, which focuses on urinary system issues in kids
  • urologic oncology, it treats cancers of the urinary system, bladder, prostate, kidneys, as well as testicles