What is Subutex and how it is dangerous

Officially, Subutex is not considered a drug. The World Health Organization (WHO) refers it to psychotropic substances, but it does not cease to be a dangerous substance. At the same time, Subutex is just the trademark behind which buprenorphine is a semi-synthetic opioid. In Europe, Suboxone comes to replace him, and Methadone was his predecessor before. Also, buprenorphine forms the basis of such substances as: Anfin, Buprenal, Buprenex, Buprex, Lepetan, Norfin, Norphine, Temgesic.


Subutex is specially designed for substitution therapy programs, but is also used as an analgesic, since its action is several times higher than analogues, including morphine, which is traditionally used for this purpose. The main idea of ​​replacement therapy is to reduce the harm from drug use. The concept came to the Arab countries from the West, where at the end of the 20th century, the point of view triumphed that it was impossible in principle to cure drug addiction. In the West, they believe that the state can only reduce the potential harm: first, the health of drug users (the program is designed to reduce mortality among patients), second, society, by decriminalizing drug use and reducing the risks of the spread of diseases such as HIV and AIDS.


Subutex is considered to be the least toxic drug among the “substitutes” and does not have long-term negative health effects. Since Subutex is one of the latest developments used in substitution therapy, the substance gives less euphoria and more analgesic effect. Apply it intravenously (action after 1-2 minutes), intramuscularly (10-15 minutes) and sublingually (under the tongue – 10-15 minutes). Duration of exposure from 6 to 8 hours depending on the dose. Despite the low toxicity, excess dosage immediately leads to poisoning. It manifests itself in adverse syndromes: breathing becomes difficult, heart malfunctions occur, dizziness, nausea, passing into vomiting, hallucinations occur. The person who took Subutex, there is confused consciousness, constriction of the pupils, sweating. Overdose does not exclude falling into a coma and death.


Proponents of replacement therapy insist that tolerance (tolerance of the organism) to Subutex either does not manifest itself or grows very slowly. This supposedly avoids a large number of overdoses and habituation. However, immediate dependence on Subutex is an irrefutable fact. Few of the participants in substitution treatment can stop using it. Those who try, expect two months of abstinence (“physical breakdown”), which will be accompanied by pain, chills, cramps, vomiting and insomnia. Moreover, Western experts have already recognized – Subutex can be abused. To eradicate the “vice” of Subutex, they invented Suboxone. But about Subutex at the time they said that it would be impossible to abuse them.


Subutex is a legal drug, but its distribution through substitution therapy is controlled by the state. If, for example, you used heroin yesterday, the state will offer you a substitute – Subutex. You can get acquainted with his anesthetic and euphoric effects in another way – after injury or surgery. The second case is worse: insurmountable circumstances will make you a dependent person. However, drugs like Subutex still end up on the black market – participants in substitution treatment take out pills in their mouth and sell them to street vendors. As soon as the volume of illegal turnover becomes critical, the formula of the substance changes, its attractiveness to consumers decreases and a new name appears. So, for example, today Subutex in many Western countries surpasses heroin in popularity. What does the “leader” change in the drug market say? Attempting to reduce harm creates problems, but does not solve them.


Like any other substitution therapy, Subutex therapy has one flaw – an addict needs a feeling of euphoria when taking the drug. When one drug – “dirty” and “dangerous” – is replaced with another one – “pure” and “safe”, then, as a rule, the euphoric effect is reduced. Thus, the “pure” drug excludes withdrawal syndrome, but does not bring pleasure. Because of this, consumers are turning to the black market and trying to get large doses of the same Subutex. This increases the risk of overdose in pursuit of ecstatic sensations. And although deaths from drug use in general statistics are indeed decreasing due to substitution therapy, this method does not completely decriminalize drug trafficking. But the main thing – the addicted person remains addicted, the addict – the addict. Moreover, he does not get rid of stigmatization – he remains ill under state control. And it is always doubly dangerous – you can get caught on the purchase / trade of drugs.


When you rely on substitution therapy, which has no deadlines (you can “cure” all your life), you are already opening up the possibility, sooner or later, to return to the black market, buy more substance and experience greater pleasure. But … on this all can end. What do you need to completely eliminate the sad scenario? Defeating vice and getting rid of addiction. Change internally and rediscover yourself.