Which Eyeglass Style Is Right For Me?

Choosing the right type of eyeglasses in Roseburg simply means finding a pair that provides the vision you want while accentuating the features of your face.

Some people may prefer a narrow field of vision. Others may want as large a field of vision as possible. There are many styles you can choose from that will fit naturally with the structure of your face.

The Shape of Your Face

The shape of your face will play a large role in the style of glasses you choose. An oval face or heart-shaped face will look better in certain types of frames than a square or round face will.

You will need to try on several pairs to find the perfect balance so that the glasses will set naturally on your face.

Your Features and Skin Tone

There are many types of frames that include wire, wireless, plastic, and metal. When choosing the materials your eyeglasses are made from, you will want to consider your features and skin tone.

Your skin tone and hair color will fall into either a warm or cool category while your eye color is more of a secondary factor.

Taking these factors into consideration will allow you to choose frames that blend naturally with your tones and structure.

Frame Style and Colors

Frame designs range from sleek and elegant to professional and functional. They can be found in almost any color or tone.

Fashion designers often have their own line of frames that denote a style or target a certain audience.

Dr. Andrea Gray offers a wide selection of eyeglasses in her Roseburg office. Schedule your appointment today to find the perfect pair. Improve your vision and highlight your best features at the same time!