5 Essential Things to Bring in Your Rehab Center While Recovering

It is scary for your loved ones to go to a rehab. We know it is painful for them to stay away from their family. Moreover, rehabs come with strict policies. Apart from wondering what happens inside the rehab, one also wonders about the belongings they can actually carry. Most of the reputed center will hand you a recommended checklist of items to carry inside the rehab center. However, all drug rehab centers vary in their norms and policies, but this general checklist of essentials that one need to carry to the rehab is common for all.

Let us have a look –


You need to find something comfortable when it comes to clothing. Pack clothes in which your loved ones will feel comfortable. They should be clean and make sure you check the kind of laundry facilities available at the rehab. Things you need to pack –

  1. comfortable tennis shoes, flip flops or sports shoe and pair of slippers
  2. shirts and pants preferably loose
  3. one or two good outfits for Family Nights
  4. shorts that comply with your rehab centers code
  5. sock and undergarments
  6. bathing suits
  7. pajamas
  8. a coat or a jacket
  9. a belt and a hat

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You need to make a list of special items that help to maintain your hygiene. You need to bring essentials worth thirty days. However, the drug rehab center will provide some of the basic toiletries, but it is preferred to carry your own such as –

  • deodorant
  • toothbrush and toothpaste
  • comb/brush
  • shampoo and conditioner
  • hair spray
  • hygiene products for female and makeup items
  • shaving cream
  • lotion
  • sunscreen

Personal Belongings

Rehab programs can be of a varying length so it is essential to bring some personal items for emergency help. Also, bring items to keep your mind busy when you are not doing any organized session say books or notebooks. Some items include –

A list of name and addresses and phone numbers of those whom you wish to be involved in your treatment and stay connected like loved ones, healthcare professionals or sponsors

  • Wedding rings or other jewelry to which you are attached emotionally
  • A small amount of cash for store runs, vending machines, etc
  • Checkbook, credit card or debit card and insurance cards to pay fortreatment
  • The calling cards for making long distance phone calls and stamps or envelopes to mail letters
  • A notebook or journal
  • Pictures of your loved ones to keep in your wallet


If you are taking any type of medicines that your doctor has prescribed and does not interfere with the medication process in rehab, then you are free to carry them. Be sure to bring a stock for few weeks to last throughout the rehab. Do bring the original pharmacy bottle with proper label along with the compositions mentioned and the liquid medication must stay sealed.


There are people who cannot sleep without their favorite pillow. Especially this happens with the teens in the drug rehab centers. Do bring them as long as it does not cross the lines of rehab rules. You can bring a blanket and a pillow as quality sleep is necessary for a rehab.

Therefore, if you are packing bags for a stay in drug rehab, make sure you have this checklist in your hand and never miss a single thing.