Diabetes is one of the major concern as it has been growing in every single home and to know more importantly it has become a parasite which grows deep right inside you without giving you a hint of what is right happening in yourself. there are times when you need to think of the actual source of the problem and thereby to resist the disease you need to cut it down right from the source so that the parasite does not grow further. When the parasites start to show its pathogenic constituents it generally becomes too late to get it well treated completely as it starts to dwell with you at every point so that you start to feel it as a burden. Besides the burden no longer remain a small parasite as once it starts growing. There are different physiologies of diabetes some are due to the lack of insulin and hereby it is important to know the various cause of diabetes. It is always the right decision to have a complete check-up regarding the disease once you have some symptoms like it.


The physiology of diabetes is that you have increased the level of blood glucose. It can be for different reasons among which the most known one is lack of insulin while there is another reason where the receptors for insulin are resistant to insulin. At times there may be other cause for diabetes such as mutation of the sequence so that the geometry of the structure of the insulin has been completely changed. The sequence of the 52 amino acid is completely ideological and thereby any changes in the mutation will ultimately cause a serious problem and thereby can cause the death of the individual. There are times when you need to have a complete diabetes knowledge so that you can stay aware of the factors that lead to diabetes.


There are many diets that are available for diabetes patients and can be well handled with a complete balanced diet. Many dieticians do recommend keto diet as well. However, the most appropriate diet that can be taken as assured one is Paleo diets. This is also called the caveman diet or paleolithic age diet. This diet consists of whole food without any unprocessed animal, it may be plant-based, grains, dairy or else sugar.

The above-mentioned diet is generally based on the low carbohydrate content. However, the primary motive of the diet is not put on low calories but it puts all in the strong nutritional assessment and signifies the nutritional content of the meal taken. As because there is any diet that is been suggested which has been putting an extreme eye on a high amount of carbohydrate and thereby lowering it so that it does not lead to the increase in unnecessary sugar. There are times when you need to follow a strict one but you need to ensure that it does possess all the nutritional contents.