Get to Know the Difference between Medical and Recreational Marijuana

Marijuana has been used for centuries as medicinal and recreational purposes. Both kinds of marijuana differ in many ways.

Medical vs. recreational marijuana

  • Medical weed usually contains high CBD level, while recreational strain contains high THC content
  • Prescription is needed to purchase medical marijuana, while you can buy recreational weed at local dispensaries.
  • Age limit to buy recreational weed is 21 and 18 for medical weed.
  • Medical marijuana needs to be purchased from regulated dispensary, whereas recreational pot can be found off the street.

What are CBD and THC?

The two key active ingredients present in cannabis plants are THC and CBD. Both substances are categorized as cannaboids. They are responsible to produce the pot’s effect. Recreational weeds are high in THC, so the effects are high. On the other hand, CBD present in medical weed is a good therapeutic ingredient.

Uses of medical marijuana

Marijuana and hemp are bred from cannabis sativa plants, which contain THC and CBD. Cannabis oil is an extract of marijuana and can be used to treat conditions like –

  • Cancer
  • Eating disorders
  • Muscle spasms
  • Nausea
  • Pain
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Glaucoma
  • Nerve pain relief
  • Epilepsy seizures
  • Anxiety
  • Sleep disorder
  • Depression
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • And more

Cannabis extract includes anti-oxidant properties, which makes it useful in treating and variety of diseases like age related autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. It can be used as neuro-protectant for limiting neurological damage after head trauma or stroke. Neuro de-generative diseases like dementia, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s can be treated using cannabis extract.

How to buy medical marijuana?

For purchasing medical cannabis oil Canada at a regulated dispensary, you need a valid prescription from your doctor or medical pot ID card. Your medical condition need make you eligible for using it. Every state has its own qualifying conditions.

At the regulated dispensary, you will have to give valid handwritten recommendation and sign in. You will be given the weed by the staff. When you carry back the medical pot keep doctor’s recommendation or card all the time for legal purpose.

Now that you understand the difference between recreational and medical marijuana, so it will help you to choose the right kind. For example, managing chronic pain consider medical type. Medical marijuana study appears promising but needs some research and clinical trials.