How To Safe Proof Your Home For Your Elderly Mom

Mom is that one constant in your life who has always been there for you. She raised you lovingly and did everything, so you grow up like the successful person you are today. But now age has gotten into her. Your very pillar of support is now the one who needs you. Now, it’s your turn to care for her, not out of debt and repayment but out of love and concern you have for her. The relationship of a child and mother is always unique and unexplainable.

You want what’s best for her, and you want her well-taken care of and safe while you are at work or out doing your errands. You don’t want her to live in a nursing facility; thus you chose to have home health care Houston, but yes you are right. It is not enough, no matter how watchful and expert her aid is, she won’t notice every single move; thus, you also need to do your part and ensure the place where she lives in is a haven for her. Here are some of the things you can do to safe proof the house for mom.

Remove Anything Slippery

You might not notice, but simple things we have at home which we consider safe is not for seniors. Take for example the electrical and phone cords; we often leave them by the wall after charging, or bags and other accessories. Other small decoration even rugs can cause your elderly parent to trip and fall. You have to understand that small hazards can be dangerous for her as her body is not as healthy as before. Aging makes her fragile.

Secure Carpets

Carpets are often the cause of falls and trips not just for the elderly but even for young and active adults. Most of the time, you won’t even notice when you are in a hurry. The best thing to do is secure your carpets by using double-sided tapes between them and the floor. It is even better if you can change to non-slip rugs.

Leave Plenty of Walking Space

The motor skills of seniors are not as good and accurate as before. Thus, it is best to ensure that you always give plenty of space for walking. Remove any unnecessary furniture on the stairs as they are also considered hazards.

Make Sure Floors are Dry

Make sure that the bathroom floor is dry at all times. Check on any leaks or drips on your faucets and shower. If there’s any, fix it as soon as possible. It is also advisable to ensure that you use non-skid wax on your floors. Overall, avoid any slippery surface at home. It is best to use non-slip items like rubber mat on the bathroom floor especially the area close to the tub and shower.

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Install handrails

The stairs are one of the most dangerous places at home. A lot of people, kids, adults and seniors alike often meet accidents on the stairs. Make sure you install safe handrails on all stairs at home. Include the bathroom too. It will ensure to help your mom with her balance when passing through these parts.

Provide Enough Lighting

Do remember that your moms’ eyesight is not as good as yours. So make sure that you provide enough lighting in all parts of the house. Do not try to conserve on light bulbs, doing so might cause harm to your mom.

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