Why You Should Consider Flavored CBD Oils

CBD oils are becoming more and more commonly used for their medicinal benefits. From treating anxiety and depression to helping with your pain tolerance, there are many reasons you may look to CBD oil as an alternative form of treatment for a variety of ailments. That said, there are many people who dislike the taste of traditional CBD oils. If you’re one of those types but are still interested in reaping the benefits of CBD, here are a few reasons why you should consider flavored CBD oils.

Taking CBD orally is on the rise

Oral use of CBD is on the rise for its medicinal benefits. Topical use is popular, too, although in some cases, the speed at which CBD oils’ effects begin to occur is much faster with oral ingestion, making it the more popular option. In fact, oral extracts have even been shown to improve pain and other symptoms for patients with multiple sclerosis. Taken with an eye dropper, CBD oil provides a simple and effective solution for chronic conditions comparable to other pain killers and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).

Flavored CBD allows you to get the oil’s full effect

Since one of the most common ways to ingest CBD oil is sublingually, or under your tongue, flavor can actually have a major impact on the effectiveness of CBD. In order to acquire the most benefits from the oil, it’s important that it stays underneath your tongue for at least a minute. Obviously, if you can’t stand CBD’s earthy, natural flavor, it can be hard to keep the oil in your mouth for that long. Flavored CBD oils allow you to get the full effect from CBD oil if you have a more sensitive palette. CBD oils are available in a broad array of tastes, ranging from peppermint to orange. If you aren’t sure whether or not you’ll enjoy a specific flavor, consider reading reviews of a particular brand or flavor online from a reputable such as The CBD Insider. With plenty of product reviews to comb through prior to making a purchase, you’ll be able to pick an appealing flavor with confidence after consulting an experienced, online resource.

Add flavored CBD oils to other foods

Another option if you’re looking for a different way to ingest CBD oil is by adding it to existing foods. These edibles allow you to mask the flavor of natural CBD—or complement a flavored oil—with something that helps take away what may otherwise be an off putting flavor. One popular choice you may want to consider is adding CBD oils to other drinks, too. Many people find that adding it to their morning coffee makes for an easy and palatable way to treat themselves with CBD. Some coffee shops and restaurants will even make these dishes for you, with one soda shop serving up frozen concoctions that offer the benefits of CBD with the tastiness of dessert.

Use tinctures for drops and isolates for cooking

One important thing to note about CBD and hemp oils is that there is a difference between purchasing an isolate and using a tincture. Tinctures (also known as full-spectrum CBD oils) combine flavors with the other naturally occurring components of the hemp plant and its oils. These types of CBD oils are the strongest types, and, as such, are the most commonly used when ingesting CBD orally via an eye dropper. That said, there’s a place for CBD isolates, as well. CBD isolates are extracts that remove the other parts that make up full-spectrum oils, and they generally withstand cooking better than full-spectrum options. So, if you’re planning on cooking with your CBD, like Chef Dave Hadley, make sure to purchase isolates.

Don’t let the flavor of CBD oils turn you off from experimenting with them to address your pain and mental health. By purchasing flavored oils or adding CBD to your favorite drinks or foods, you can find a natural way to approach your ailment or illness, while downplaying their earthy taste.