Who and how much is entitled to Under the Energy Workers Compensation Program

People who have fallen ill due to radiation in mining areas continued to struggle with the energy workers compensation program. The major reason has been confusing rules and incomplete records.

The program was created after it became apparent that the nuclear-weapons or uranium mining efforts routinely endangered the health of the workers in the name of national security. In the significant years of the passing of the Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program Act, the program has been the most frequent target of criticism. It would range from former workers, advocates, survivors, and elected officials who have actually tried to assist the people to understand the system’s navigation.

How much are you entitled to receive under the program?

The uranium workers have been entitled to receive approximately 100,000 USD. There have been three categories of uranium workers. It would be inclusive of the miners, millers, and the ore transporters. Let us delve into them in detail.

  • Uranium Miners

In case, you were an eligible individual and has been exposed to 40 or more working level months of radiation or had worked for at least a year in the uranium mines at any time during the year 1942 to 1971, you would be entitled to receive the compensation amount. The compensable diseases would be inclusive of primary lung cancer and specific non-malignant respiratory diseases.

  • Uranium millers

The eligible individuals that have been employed for at least one year in the uranium mills at any time in the duration starting from January 1, 1942, to end of December 31, 1971, would be entitled to compensation amount. It would be pertinent to mention here that the compensable diseases would be inclusive of lung cancer, specific non-malignant respiratory diseases, and chronic renal diseases inclusive of nephritis, renal cancer, and kidney tubal tissue injury.

  • Ore transporters

If you were eligible and employed for nearly one year transporting uranium ore or for that matter transporting vanadium-uranium ore from mills or mines at any time in the duration between 1st of January, 1942 to 31st of December, 1971, you could claim the compensation amount by filing a claim under the compensation program. You should rest assured that the compensable diseases have been deemed the same as those with the Uranium mills and miners.

In the event of your loved one has fallen ill into any of the aforementioned categories, you should get in touch with an appropriate lawyer and file the claim.