Men’s Haircuts 2019: Old School Meets Contemporary

Old school styles are very much in fashion.  And mens haircuts 2019 are no exception. Media and the fashion industry are embracing a lot of vintage looks, from shows like Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire or Vikings. As well, some of the looks from the late 20th century are back in style.

If you are looking for a great post to read for trendy men’s hairstyles for this season, check out our site. In the meantime, keep on reading for some of the hottest hairstyles for men in 2019.

5 Most Popular Mens Hairstyles 2019

  1. Buzz cut

When most people think of a buzz cut, they think of the military. However, buzz cuts have become extremely mainstream in recent years and mens haircuts 2019 are proof. with plenty of variations for buzz cuts, you can opt for a side fade with more hair on the top or a close crop with shaved lines. Shaved lines are a big hit with every style of mens haircut this year, but they look great on a clean cut buzz cut for a bit of a bad boy vibe.

  1. Pompadour

One of the trendiest throwback looks for mens haircuts 2019 is the loose or wavy pompadour. This carefree style provides a ton of body and texture. As well, it does not require as much hair product as the traditional Elvis-style pompadour.

Whether you opt for closely shaven sides for an edgy vibe or mid-length sides for a clean cut look, you can’t go wrong with this modern take on a classic hairstyle!

  1. Mid Length Wavy Hairstyles

Longer hairstyles for men are very much in style in 2019, from runways to Hollywood celebs alike. Time to say goodbye to the man bun and let your curly locks run wild! Sea salt spray and leave in conditioner aren’t just for women! Let your naturally waves flow for a sexy look that will drive women wild! Ranging from mid cheek level to jaw length to shoulder-length, long wavy hair is one of the hottest looks this year!

  1. Crop

Crop haircuts are making a huge comeback in 2019. This trendy look consists of faded sides, fringe and a ton of texture. Side fades can include a temple fade, skin fade, drop fade or even a high fade. The best part about a cropped hairstyle is that it suits any hair texture from thick to fine or thin hair.

  1. Undercut

Undercut hairstyles never seem to go out of style. Undercuts are inspired by men’s hairstyles from the 1920s and are sleek and sophisticated. If you are looking for timeless and classy look with a modern flair, than an undercut could be just what you need. You can opt for a side part undercut, an undercut with a fade, or even a quiff or pompadour undercut. But keep in mind, undercuts will require frequent trips to the barbershop to maintain their seamless look.

And don’t forget that coloring your hair is completely mainstream this year. From subtle highlights for those who want a polished look to bold colors for those with an edgy side, the sky’s the limit when it comes to hairstyles and mens haircuts 2019!