How to Tell If Your Child Needs a Speech Therapist in Toronto and What They Can Do for Your Kid

When it comes to speech therapy, a good speech therapist can help your child in a number of ways:

  1. They will be able to communicate with others clearly. If for some reason, your kid struggles with the idea of exchanging words with people, they might need a nudge in the right direction. We don’t just use our ability to communicate for talking; we also need it to express what we want or need.
  2. Another important part of life that becomes easier for children with speech therapy is the ability to understand what someone else is saying to them. Kids can have difficulty interpreting non-verbal cues that we use frequently. In case of a child with autism, even verbal communication cues could be difficult to interpret.

When a child is able to get their point across and be understood, it becomes easier for them to form friendships.

It might be easy for you to see the effectiveness of speech therapy provided by an expert. However, being able to determine if your kid needs it can be difficult. That’s why, we mention…

Signs that Indicate your Kid could Benefit from Speech Therapy

Most experts think that parents can recognize the need for speech therapy in their child instinctively. Common signs in such cases that don’t go unnoticed include their child is falling behind in class or having problems in understanding and making themselves heard.

If you have noticed such signs in your kid, you might want to match them with other usual ones mentioned below:

  • Some kind of diagnosis could be affecting your child’s ability to communicate, such as autism, developmental delay, or hearing loss etc.
  • Your child has a hard time making other people understand what they are saying
  • Reading and/or writing is difficult for your kid
  • Your child has a way of speaking that is more akin to kids younger than they are
  • Your kid isn’t able to play with other kids well because of unusual interaction
  • Your child doesn’t have the vocabulary they should as compared to other kids of their age
  • The way they talk frustrates your child
  • Your kid stutters

Even if you don’t see the signs mentioned above, it is better to get an expert’s opinion. By age three, a kid should be able to understand what others are saying to them. However, each kid develops at a speed that is unique to them. Therefore, you might not be able to measure how well your child is doing when it comes to speech development. The best kind of development is where your child’s speech constantly improves. Don’t see that happening? Then it might be time to see a speech therapist.

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