Lean How to Get Rid of Love Handles Easily

The stubborn love handles are hard to manage and they look bad especially when you wish to wear the high-rise jeans and the skin fit tops. To avoid this awkward condition, it is always better to get rid of love handles. Want to know how and what to do in these situations? All you need do is to follow a simple routine daily for just ten minutes. Yes, this ten-minute disciplined routine will always bring the difference. However, one should make sure that they are following the regular diet and some healthy habits always.

Get Back to your Desired Shape:

  • Try to do bicycle crunches daily. All you need to do is just support your head without clasping your fingers with your hands. Raise both left shoulder and upper left of the back. Now raise the left elbow and let it touch the raised knee. Do the same even with the right elbow by switching the positions. Do these bicycle crunches for 30 times.
  • Also do the side plank hip lifts and make sure you are doing 15 times on each side to get rid of love handles. Support the above waist body on the elbow by turning to the side. Ensure that hips and legs are over the ground. Raise your hip putting pressure on elbow forming a side plank. Lover the back again and do the same for 15 times on each side.
  • Also do the Russian twists and the woodchopper workouts regularly.

All these will take very less time and there is no need to worry much about the fat around the waist if you make sure to have a strict diet routine. Try to do cardio three times a week and this helps your heat to pump to melt the fat. Practice yoga, meditation to get relieved from stress and this helps you to stay healthy and fit.