Do You Have Difficulty Hearing?

A device known as a hearing aid will make you hear again like before. Hearing aids collect sounds from the surrounding, amplify them and send the amplified signal into the ears. Once a hearing loss has been confirmed, a communication assessment with an audiologist is necessary in order to determine if or which hearing aid would be suitable for you.

If you need help with hearing loss and you’re in search of a hearing aid center Glendale AZ, visit the audiologists at Metro Hearing for a proper service diagnosis and treatment, including hearing aids. Metro Hearing has been serving patients since 1980 and they have physicians in six locations in the Phoenix area.

The American Speech and Hearing Association (ASHA) and American Academy of Audiology (AAA) certify the audiologists of Metro Hearing. The aim of Metro Hearing is to provide a complete solution to hearing challenges for patients who have hearing loss and tinnitus and provide excellent patient care and service.

After visiting a hearing aid center, the audiologist will examine:

  • The communication needs.
  • Preferred hearing aid style.
  • Features of the devices.

Digital Hearing Aids

Nowadays, most hearing aids sold in the market contain a digital circuitry. Digital hearing aids receive and analyze the incoming sound from the environment and convert it to a digital signal. Then according to a patient’s hearing levels and listening needs, the signal can then be modified and converted to an analog sound signal and delivered to the ears without any distortion commonly associated with analog sound technology. In addition, these devices are highly programmable, advanced circuit compression and improved noise reduction.

Many digital hearing aids also come with an option of a directional microphone, which helps with hearing by noise cancellation in noisy environments. Digital hearing aids are available with different levels of technology and advancement and so they can be afforded by many people.

Getting used to your hearing aid

It takes time in getting used to a hearing aid. The listening skills with the new hearing aid improve gradually with the adjustment to the sound amplification. With a hearing aid, even your own voice sounds different. These points should be kept in mind while using a hearing aid for the first time:

  • Hearing aids won’t cure your hearing problem: Hearing aids only can improve the hearing by amplifying the soft sounds.
  • It will take time to get used to the hearing aid: The more you use your new hearing aid, the more quickly you’ll adjust to the amplified sounds.
  • Practice the hearing aid in different environments: The amplified hearing sound from the new hearing aid will sound different in different environments.
  • Seek support from people: The support of family and friends helps in bringing confidence with the new hearing aid. Joining a support group for people with hearing loss or new to hearing aids will also help.
  • A follow-up. A follow-up is a good idea for any adjustments and to ensure that the new hearing aid is working as well as it should work.

If you’re facing a hearing problem have not had a recent hearing test, you can have one performed at the Metro Hearing, a good hearing aid center Glendale AZ.