What to Do After a Bad Car Accident

Most drivers are involved in at least one car accident in their lives. Car accidents are never something that is planned for. They always end up unexpected and at a bad time. The best thing you can do is to know what steps to take if you are ever in a bad car accident. Many go wrong by panicking and making decisions they end up regretting. Your best bet is to stay calm, calculated and take these steps.

Call 911 and document everything

This is arguably the most important step where many people go wrong. You must call 911 after an accident for everything to go smoothly. The cop needs to document and make sure everything is sorted out. They also can keep a record of what happened in case it is needed by the insurance company or courts later on. You really can’t be too safe when taking this step. Make sure you take photos and get the contact information of nearby witnesses as well when at the site of an accident. The cops do their job, but it also is important for you to take initiative and help where you can. This could save you later if evidence is needed for any reason.

What not to do

In the wake of car accidents, there are rights and wrong steps one can take. One thing you should never do is leave the scene of an accident. This makes things a whole lot more difficult for law enforcement and the others involved in the crash. In some states like Texas, driving away from a car accident where people are injured could earn you a felony charge. Even if it is a minor accident, don’t flee the scene. The odds are guilt will eat you up and you might make things a lot worse, especially if someone took down your license plate number.

This might be inferred, but always stay calm in the wake of an accident. Even if someone is injured, a calm demeanor will make it easier for you to know what steps to take. Staying calm could save a lot of time and even lives in some cases. After a wreck, never tell members at the scene that it was your fault. You are legally admitting to liability in this accident and it could screw you over moving forward.

Hire a personal injury attorney in Irvine

A personal injury lawyer is a must when you are taking in the aftermath of an accident. They can assist you in getting the help you need both medically and financially. It depends on how severe the accident was, but if you are injured horribly, you might need to file a lawsuit. This is where a personal injury attorney in Irvine is essential to your recovery.

Head to your local doctor—injured or not

You need an attorney and a doctor in the wake of a bad accident. You may not think you are injured, but you might have some whiplash or back pain. These pains could be symptoms of another health issue, so it’s best to head to your doctor in Irvine and get a check up post accident—injured or not.

Make sure to drive carefully and watch for other drivers to avoid an accident if you can. If an accident does happen in your life, take these steps and you will come out on top. There is no reason to lose your cool or stress too much in the wake of an accident. Cops, doctors, and attorneys are there to help you navigate the situation.