Which characteristics you should consider before choosing an orthopedic witness?

There’s a huge demand for orthopedic witnesses in Los Angeles as they play an integral role in a medical malpractice lawsuit. Attorneys cannot work without the expert guidance of these witnesses. Orthopedic witnesses are orthopedic surgeons have comprehensive knowledge of orthopedic problems and their treatment.

Medical malpractice or negligence cases are very complicated and on the same vein, the plaintiff has to prove that there has been negligence by the medical staff or the surgeons. These witnesses are called upon by attorneys for a second opinion. It’s only a proficient surgeon who can comprehend the injury levels, the malpractices that can happen, and the gravity of the case. To be honest, the success of a case depends on these expert testimonies. It means that an orthopedic expert witness has to be carefully selected.

Below mentioned are some of the essential characteristics that you should check out before choosing a lawyer.

  • CredentialsEducational background of a surgeon plays an essential role in determining the familiarity of the surgeon in his area of expertise. Besides education, clinical experience is also an essential determinant. Experienced surgeons give better insights about a case, and can also serve to play a crucial role during trails and deposition.  Medical malpractices lawsuits are complex matters and hence, it requires a professional hand.
  • Hand-on practice with the subject matter- Besides clinical practice and educational qualification, an orthopedic surgeon should have practical knowledge. These experiences help in providing strong case reviews, case records, and can provide better testimony during trials and depositions. This is one of the reasons why attorneys take expert consultation from an orthopedic expert surgery witness.
  • Should be able to paint a better picture of the case- Expert surgeons should have the ability to express and explain complex ideas with precision and clarity. There are high chances of losing a case if you choose a surgeon who is not competent enough to describe the medical issues in detail. In other words, you need to have an attorney who is well-versed in English and has flawless communication skills. On top of that, the witnesses should be able to answer bravely without fumbling. The defendant’s lawyer will try to cross examine during trials. So it’s very important to have a well-known attorney with a strong background.
  • Should be deal with counter-attacks- Medical malpractice cases are complicated cases. Whenever you level charges against a surgeon or a medical expert, the latter has the right to defend himself during trials. For the same reason, the defendant will also appoint an attorney or expert witnesses to justify their grounds. Whenever you choose a surgeon orthopedic expert witness, make sure that they’re able to face counter attacks from the defendant’s lawyer.
  • Check online reviews or contact past clients for feedback It is important to check how successful the expert has been in providing testimony and case reviews in previous cases. Experienced surgeons should always provide neutral case reviews, and well-documented case facts.

By following the above tips, one can surely find the best expert witness for their case. However, proper research and background verification is mandatory for getting the best medico-legal guidance.